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Sore feet can affect the way you feel for the whole day. If you’re tired of feeling exhausted from walking around with sore feet, the State Care Health Care LLC team led by Suzanne Kloud, DC, offers custom-fit orthotics at their office in Chadds Ford and Cochranville, Pennsylvania. Stare Care Health Care LLC works with the No. 1 orthotics company in the world, Foot Levelers, to relieve uncomfortable back, leg, and foot pain. Call the office or schedule online to learn more.

Custom Foot Orthotics Q & A

What are custom-fit orthotics?

Custom-fit orthotics are shoe inserts designed specially for you to support your feet. They fit every contour of your feet to provide maximum comfort. These custom inserts help your feet function better, which can alleviate pain, increase stability, and relieve discomfort. 

How can custom-fit orthotics benefit me?

Custom-fit orthotics can improve the symptoms of many conditions, including:


Diabetes impacts blood circulation to the feet, which causes pain, soreness, and discomfort. Custom-fit orthotics can help alleviate this pain and pressure around the feet.


If arthritis causes you joint pain in your feet, custom-fit orthotics can help alleviate foot pain, so sore feet don’t stop you from doing your favorite activities.

Heel spurs

Heel spurs occur when tough tissue or bone begin growing on your heel bone. This typically happens due to repeated pressure in the same area of the foot.

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis typically occurs when the sore of your foot becomes inflamed from excessive running or walking, poor-quality shoes, or ligament strain.


Inflammation of the balls of your feet causes metatarsalgia, a painful foot condition that can worsen when you stand, walk, or run.


Overpronation occurs when the arches of your feet roll inward or downward when you walk, run, or exercise. Known as flat feet, overpronation heightens your risk of knee injuries.


If you have supination, or high arches, you likely don’t roll your feet inward enough. This puts stress on the ankles, knees, lower back, and hips.

Because foot pain makes you tired and lethargic, custom-fit orthotics can even help increase energy, stamina, and overall foot function.

How else can I improve my foot function?

In addition to custom-fit orthotics, State Line Health Care LLC offers therapeutic exercise to help improve your overall balance, stability, range of motion, muscle strength, and flexibility. The team designs these exercises to suit your unique needs.

Whether you have a recurring injury or medical condition, therapeutic exercise can help relieve pain, increase strength, and improve your overall physical function.

Custom-fit orthotics and therapeutic exercise can help you lead a comfortable, pain-free life. If you want to get fitted for your own pair of orthotics, call State Line Health Care LLC or book an appointment online.